In the name of Allah (Who’s) the Compassionate Merciful

(section 1)

Next, to answer [the Highnesses Fatima (as)], Abū Bakr Abdullah ibn Othman replied:  
O daughter of the Messenger of Allah!
Your father was, for the believers, affectionate and honourable,
and he was considered kind and great.
However, for the disbelievers: there is punishment and great retribution.
If we go forth to investigate, we will find that he is only your father to the exclusion of
the rest of the women.
He is the brother of your husband to the exclusion of all the rest of his friends.
He preferred your husband to the rest of all his close companions,
And your husband helped him in every great affair.
No one loves you except he who is fortunate,
And no one hates you but he who is wretched.
All you are the holy Household of the Prophet of Allah, and the best of all the chosen persons.
You are our guide towards all that is good and prosperous, and through you we will find our way to Paradise.

(section 2)

And you are the best of all women, and the daughter of the best of all the messengers!
You are truthful and rightful in all your statements,
And you are foremost in the abundance of your wisdom and brain.
You will never be turned away from what is yours by your right,
And you will not be barred from the truth that you have spoken.
By Allah, I have taken no step against the opinion of the Holy Prophet of Allah.
And I have not acted except by his permission?
Of course the one who is being sent as pioneer shall not lie to his people, so I make Allah
My witness,
Now you said what you wanted and you sent your message and you spoke with violence
'…and He is the most sufficient of all the witnesses, (Al - Ahghaf  46/ 8).'
I heard the Prophet of Allah say: "We group of the prophets have no one who would inherit from us either gold or silver or house or pasture.
Only that which  we inherit  is wisdom, knowledge  and  Prophet-hood, and whatever is left behind  by us, in  the forms of any source of  nourishment, is  that ruling  the  affairs of  the  Muslims.
It is for Vaali-Amr  to decide and judge in its regard.

And what you have asked for, we have already spent it on buying animals for transport and weapons for the Muslims to use for fighting.
And they struggle against the unbelievers,
And  they use it to fight against  the rebellious evil-doers ; and this was done on the basis of  the consensus of the Muslims.
I have not decided singly myself, and I have not acted in a despotic manner in the opinion
That I hold; and this is my situation, and my personal wealth.
This is for you and is presented to you;
No one will grudge it to you, and it will not be amassed for anyone else but you;
You are the leader of all your father's followers,
and you are the holy tree for your children.
What is yours, by your excellence, shall not be denied, and no one can humiliate your
dear origin or your branches or your roots.
Your decision and your order is enforced in whatever is in my hands.
What is your opinion? Would you wish that I oppose, in this matter of your father?'  

(section 3)

So, the Highnesses Fatima replied:
"Glory is to Allah!
[My Father,] the Messenger of Allah, never turned away from the Book of Allah,
And nor did he oppose to the Commandments mentioned in the Holy Qur'an.
He always followed what is indicated in the Holy Qur'an,
And always pursued what was indicated in its chapters. Have you all combined to betray him by ascribing to him what is untrue and deceptive?
And all this, after his death, is similar to what was plotted against him during his lifetime;

(section 4)

Now, this is Allah's Book, it is the most just of all judges, and is the last statement of Right; so let it be a judge between you and I.
This states of a Messenger among his messengers: 'This son of mine: '…inherits me and inherit the descendants of  Jacob, (Maryam 19/ 6)'".
"And it states: '…Solomon inherits from Dawood, (An-Naml 27/ 16)".
The Most Glorified and the Most Honoured Allah has clarified

How the heritage will be divided between men and women,
And He has clearly explained everything so that to remove the lies of the inventors!
Is it not that [the Holy Qur'an says]:
‘…no, but your spirits have beautified for you an affair.’  So fine patience [is] better [for me],
and Allah’s support is ever there to seek against what you describe, (Yousef 12/ 18).’

And these are two of the messengers who are mentioned in the Qur'an,and you know that
The base of the messenger-hood cannot be inherited; but only that which can be inherited.
So why should I be deprived from the inheritance of my father?
Is there any verses in the Qur'an to say that all people can inherit but except Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet, bless be upon him and his Descendants?!
If  there is such a verse in the Book of Allah?
Do lead me to it to become satisfied.'

(section 5)

Abū Bakr said: 'O the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, you yourself are a good proof,
Just and wisdom!  The Prophet's daughter has also spoken justly.
You are the source of wisdom and you are the source of guidance and mercy,
And you are the supporter of Religion and Allah's witness, of His arguments.

I do not repudiate the truthfulness of your opinion, and neither do I deny your claim.
All these people are judges between you and I, they know what I have done!
They have trusted the whole affairs to me, and I have done everything according to
             Their  will. And that which I have taken from you, is not by force or preferring you; all
             people bear witness to it.      

(section 6)

So Fatima (as) turned to the people and said:
O people! You have hastened to listen to the false statements.
You are ignoring an action that is ugly to do and will lead to losses!

'…do they not ponder the Qur’an? Or is it that there are locks on their hearts, (Mohammad
47/ 24)?'

'…no indeed, but what they were earning has rusted upon their hearts, ( Al-Motefafefin 83/ 14).'

But the evil actions that you have performed have darkened your hearts.
How badly you have interpreted the Qur'an, [to the caliphate of Abū Bakr], and how badly you replace wrong to the right!'

And by Allah, you will surely find that the burden of it will be very heavy,
and the consequences of it will be disastrous for you. When the veil will be removed from before you, and  what losses are beyond it will  become evident, and  from Allah it will be revealed what you had not taken into account.

'…and there it is where those who follow falsehood will surely be losers, (Ghafer 40/ 78).'

(section 7)

The narrator says: 'Since the demise of the Messenger of Allah, bless be upon him and his Descendants, no one had witnessed such a day that men and women to lament and weep!
The whole town sank deep into sorrow,
People were crying,Mourning, and their cries could clearly be heard from the houses of  the children of  Abd al-Mottalib, and some of the Mohājerins and Ansārs'!

(section 8)

When the news [in town] reached Abū Bakr, he said to Omar:
'Foe on you!  Why did you not leave us on our own?  Perhaps  we could mend the damage,
reform the condition and to bring peace!
Was it not better than this chaos?'

So Omar answered: 'If you had done so, you would lose your dignity and power; that is why I felt sorry for you!
Abū Bakr said: 'Woe on you! Now, what will be the case of the daughter of the Messenger, now that everyone has understood what has happened!
Now what role are we going to play!'
Omar said: 'Was it not a revolution but now is subsided!
It was just for a moment and died away!
It seems nothing serious has happened!
Now, leave everything with me!' 
The narrator says: 'So, right then, Abū Bakr  touched Omar on the  shoulder  and said: '[Omar!] You lightened my grief by accepting the responsibility!'  

(section 9)

At that moment Abū Bakr gave order to the mass prayer, and the people there, came together.
He climbed the pulpit, sat on the upper seat to preach.
To begin with, he praised Allah.

Then said: 'O people! What is the matter with you?
You are desirous! You are constantly at different opinions and thoughts.
Where were these wishes  and desires of you at the time of your Prophet (A.S.)?
So let anyone who has heard,  mention it, and let every witness come closer.
But then he mended his word by saying:
'No, he resembles a fox with his tail being his witness!
Let Allah's damn be upon him, but He has already done so!
The sedition inventor still says:
'Once again try to bring her here; he wants to raise the confusion again! Now that the disorder has settled.
He is like 'Umm Tahal', whose best one in the family is astray!
Warn you! If I wanted  to, I  would  have told him what I wanted; I would break my silence and then reveal the secret!
They asked the children to help them, and make women rise up!

O company of the Ansārs! I got to know your nonsense, and now I am aware what  in your minds is going on!
By Allah, you are the best men to deserve the promise of the Messenger of Allah; because
he came to you and you gave him place to settle.
You assisted him, and today, you must also remain loyal to him.
Anyhow, come to me the next day and receive your gifts from me; I unveil not any secret, I become no aggressive, unless against one who deserves it, that is all!'

(section 10)

The narrator says:
[After Abū Bakr's speech], Umm Salima came out from her house and said: 'Are you addressing these words to Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah , bless be upon
him and his Descendants?
'The one who is an angel among the people, and so is the source of serenity to the Messenger!
She has been brought up by the messengers,
and the angels have taken care of her.

She is brought up by the immaculate mothers, and has grown up and trained in the best place possible.
Now do you think the Prophet, bless be upon him and his Descendants, has deprived her from the inheritance but without letting her know?!
While Allah has stated to His Messenger:
'…and warn your nearest kinfolk, (A-Shoara 26/ 214),'
Now, has the Messenger warn his own Household [and has he told Fatima that she would receive the share of her inheritance] and she is demanding to receive it?
Fatima, the best lady among the women;
She is the mother of two Masters of the youths.
She is the intimate of Maryam, the daughter of Imran,
And she is the mate of the bravest man – the one by whose father the messenger-hood has been sealed!
By Allah, [the Prophet, (A.S.)] was very sympathetic to her, he protected her against the disagreeable events – cold and acute heat.
He would use his right arm as the pillow and the left arm as the cover for her to sleep in ease.
Now, be calm [with her].

Behold! The Messenger of Allah is a witness at your perversion, and knows that you will certainly be taken to the presence of Allah.
Woe on you, ‘…soon you will see the [result of the] ugly behavior of yours,
(At-Takaasor 102/ 4)!' 

(section 11)

At that moment, [the Highnesses Fatima, upon her be peace,] stood up and left the place,
And Rāfiʿ ibn Rafā'a Zurqi followed her saying: 'O you the Crown of the ladies!
If Abū al-Hassan had already spoken about this subject [Caliphate and Imamate], and if he
Had mentioned this covenant [swearing allegiance with Abu Bakr] before, we would never deviate him!'
The Highnesses sharply answered  him :  'Keep out of  my way ! Since the Day of Ghadir-i Khum, Allah has not left any excuses for anyone!'

(section 12)

Since the Highnesses Fatima (as) returned home, she felt so sick and exhausted that the very ailing was the cause of her premature joining the martyrs.
Some women of the Ansārs (the Helpers) and Muhājirs (the Immigrants) went to visit her, they greeted her and asked her to know of her situation.
Her Highnesses, after praising Allah and donating peace upon her Father, said: 'My situation?
That is: I am fed up with the world!
And I am angry with your men.
After trying them, I threw them away, now, after getting to know their natures, I am  angry with them.
Shame on their rusted and broken swords!
Their spears are weak and stink badly!
How awful are their seditions and distorted thoughts!
'… how wretched is what their souls have sent on ahead for them, for Allah is displeased with them and in the chastisement they will abide [forever], (Al-Maede 5/ 80).'

I swear by Allah that now I am compelled; I have to tie the bridle [of caliphate, and the responsibility of Fadak] on their necks, I am to make them tolerate it. I am going to leave
The shame and malice with them.
So let the loss, sour and privation [from God's blessings] be upon the oppressors,
(Hood 11/ 44)!' 

(section 13)

Woe on them! See how much they have replaced the Caliphate and Imamate! They have degraded it from the peaks of the prophet-hood, the position of the Faithful Spirit, Gabriel, who brought the manifest revelations, and the Station of the Immaculate down to the earth.
'…beware! This was the obvious loss, (Az-Zomaar 39/ 15)!' 
What was the wrong point of Abu al-Hassan that they were not pleased with?
O yes, by Allah, they were not pleased with his sharp sword or with his rush of death!
His courage in fighting.
His harsh attack to the enemies.
His vast knowledge in the Book of Allah,
And  his seriousness in the path of Allah, glory to Him!'

(section 14)

'And I swear by Allah that if they had released the rein of government that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his Descendants, had trusted to him, Ali,
or at least, he would take care of it,
dealt softly with it,
and would not injured the nose of the camel's of the caliphate,
and would not make the followers and the riders tired,
and would direct it to move along the soft and strait path. Moreover, if he would let it not get thirsty,
but let it drink and satisfied its thirst,
if he had done so:
then there would rain blessings from the heavens and the earth, (Al-Araaf 7/ 96,) for them.'
However, they have disobeyed , and Allah will take them into account for what they have earned!

'…the evil deeds that they had earned inflicted them, and the evil deeds they have committed will strike those who have done wrong, and they cannot frustrate [Allah] , (Az-Zomar 39/ 51).'

(section 15)

Come and see that as long as you are alive, world will show you strange things!
And then if you get surprised,
Know that it is this event that makes you become surprise!
See where they have gone!
Which pillar have they leaned back?
Upon which stand are they standing now?
Which rope have they clung?
And against whose household:
(The Household of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his Descendants) have they rebelled!
What for have they seized it and why have they released?

'…how evil is such a defender, and how evil is such ally, (Al-Hajj 22/ 13)!'
And '…evil is for the wrongdoers taking [Satan] as alternative, (Al-Kahf 18/ 50)!'

By Allah, instead of the pioneer, they have chosen the one lingering about; and instead of the learned, they have picked up the unwise ones!
So let them be humiliated! '…the folk who reckon they are doing something fine,
(Al-Kahf 18/ 104)!'
'…truly, they are the workers of corruption but they are not aware, (Al-Baghare 2/ 12)!'

Woe on them!
'…so is someone who guides to the Truth worthier to be followed or someone who does
not guide unless he himself is guided ? What is the matter with you? How do you judge
then, (Youness 10/ 35)?'

(section 16)

Beware! By Allah, the sedition is on the way, the world is in an awful state – you will soon
Get to witness it!
Then, get a full boll of blood when milking [your cattle], which is poisonous!

And it is there and then that:  '… the followers of the falsehood will be losers on that Day,
(Al-Jasie 45/ 27)!' 

And the next generations will find the results of the innovations of the past!
Then, make sure that you will face the seditions,
The sharp swords of the enemies,
The aggressions of the aggressive'
And ciaos which will uproot the entire nation!
And obstination of the tyrant who seis the public chattels and kill your people.
How unaware you are!
'… when you are sunk in the darkness, shall we compel you [to accept] that while you are averse to it,
(Hood 11/ 28)!' 

(section 17)

Then, the wives of the Immigrants and the Helpers took the statement of  the Highnesses [Fatima, peace be upon her] to their husbands.
Therefore, a group of  their chiefs went to Fatima to apologise her for the occasion.
They said:
'O you the Crown lady for the women in the world!
If Abū al-Hassan, (Ali), had made everything clear to us, we would have not leave him but swear allegiance with someone else!'
To their question, the Highnesses Fatima (as) said:
'Get away from me!
Your [false] excuses are not accepted.
There is no more word telling you after your being negligent!'